RDS is one of the leading road traffic survey companies…

We are a team of surveyors who believe it is important to get things right every time. Our processes and attitude to dealing with road traffic data collection have been proven over hundreds of client projects around the UK. We have a reputation for handling all types of road traffic investigations successfully, whatever size and however complex making us one of the leading road traffic survey companies in the country.

Our head office is based in Leeds, and we have a network of people across the country, allowing us to pull together resourceful and reliable teams wherever and whenever you need them.

Our positive attitude means we can give you help and advice when it comes to setting up and specifying your project, so that you can be confident you’re taking the most effective approach.

Our survey techniques and technology may be complex and advanced, but we believe in simple reporting and presentation. From our accurate and concise reports, you can interpret road traffic statistics instantly; the essential information you need at your fingertips.

Contact us today to talk about your survey needs and how we can help.

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