Traffic Surveys: manual or video data collection

Whether you need traffic data at short notice or as part of a long-term plan, our detailed, reliable traffic surveys and analysis are used across the UK to collect data for a range of projects. Our traffic surveyors are fully trained, well supervised and highly experienced, and aim to deliver results quickly and efficiently.

Manual classified counts

For projects that require information such as vehicle classifications, occupancy, direction and interaction with pedestrians, we can carry out a manual road traffic survey. We’ll work with you to agree the content, timing and delivery of the survey and then you can leave us to carry it out professionally within your time-scale.

Video traffic surveys

Using video allows us to capture data in complex situations, such as busy junctions, on motorways or at gyratory systems. Our camera technicians are based across the UK, so we can respond to your needs wherever you are. The captured data for video is fully backed up, so you can see the evidence for yourself if you need to. We often recommend  video as the most cost-effective and accurate way to collect and analyse traffic survey data.

For both methods, the data we collect can be segmented and reported in the best way for your project, giving you complete control and immediate access to results. Our ability to turn traffic survey projects around quickly and with precision will help you to move your own plans forward with confidence.

Contact us to talk about how we can help with your next traffic survey project.

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