Automatic Traffic Count Surveys

Our Automatic Traffic Count Surveys (ATCs) are the best way to collect detailed traffic data that is clearly presented for practical use.

We can manage surveys anywhere in the UK to fit a variety of requirements, from transport planning and design considerations for local and road authorities to traffic flows and retail and leisure outlets for developers.

Our ATC surveys are the most cost-effective way to gather large amounts of information, including classification and speed data on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis across at least 13 classes of transport. We use the most advanced equipment available, such as tube-based Metrocount units, air-pulse recording devices, volumetric devices and other sophisticated counters. This attention to detail produces precise results that you can rely on.

ATC surveys are suitable for temporary and permanent applications, and we can arrange for the installation of this equipment at very short notice, helping you to respond to needs quickly and reliably.

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