Parking policy review surveys for clearer parking guidelines

Changes to existing parking provision or the creation of new parking is one of the biggest challenges faced by planners and traffic managers today. Detailed parking surveys give you the information you need to see where positive changes can be made.

We offer a range of parking surveys across the UK:

On-street surveys

Collecting data about on-street parking use in selected areas. This can cover both free and paid-for street parking.

Car park accumulation

Employing a vehicle counting system to count the number of vehicles entering and exiting car parks at agreed times or over a period of time.

Duration of stay

Monitoring the length of time that vehicles remain parked in car parks – including multi-storey, open, park-and-ride, leisure or shopping complex or free car parks – using license plate identification.

Parking beat surveys

A snapshot of parking trends, using data collected at agreed intervals.

You can use one or a combination of these services to learn more about existing parking habits and our accurate data can be delivered in any format, allowing you to focus on the changes or recommendations you need to make. You can also use these surveys alongside wider traffic surveys to get a complete picture of the activity in your area.

Simply call us today to talk about our flexible parking surveys.

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