Traffic Speed Data Surveys: a fast response

Accurate traffic speed data surveys are essential for road traffic calming measures, pedestrian protection and general road safety and traffic management.

Our responsive surveys use discrete, precision radar speed detectors to record the speed of individual motorists on any type of road, from single track lanes to multi-lane motorways. Speed surveys typically provide a snapshot, tracking the speed of up to 200 vehicles in each direction and the data collected can be segmented and reported in the way that suits your project best.

With trained operators and data collectors based around the UK, we can set up a traffic speed data survey at short notice, giving you the information you need on time and on budget.

If you think that a longer speed survey is required, talk to us about arranging an ATC traffic count (Automatic Traffic Count), which typically lasts for up to a week and provides more comprehensive data.

Contact us today to arrange a traffic speed data survey.

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