£2m investment in Portsmouth following bike and pedestrian surveys

Portsmouth City Council has announced a £2m plan to improve pedestrian and bike safety on roads around the city, making them safer for pedestrians and cyclists to use. The plan, which follows consultation through statistical cycling and pedestrian surveys, is focused on specific junctions and sections of road that have proven dangerous in the past.

Pedestrian crossing signs and cyclist markings

Key to the improvements will be a ‘Safer Route to Schools’ scheme that encourages families to walk to school by upgrading safety measures, adding crossings and pedestrian signage and a dedicated cycle link for schools where appropriate. Target junctions will also be marked to give cyclists priority and to make vehicle users more aware of the cyclists using the route.

In addition, speed reduction schemes, signal upgrades at roundabouts and verge maintenance to increase parking provision are all part of the plan.

When do you need help with route choice?

The upgrades and new plans announced by Portsmouth City Council are the result of consultation and analysis of data. All councils want to improve safety on their roads – particularly for pedestrians and cyclists at a time when people are being encouraged to leave the car at home and find other ways of getting around.

To make sure you have all the information you need to alter existing routes, plan new roads for developments and keep all road users safe, it’s wise to invest in a range of detailed surveys that give you valuable data in a format you can use.

Pedestrian surveys from RDS

At Road Data Services, we specialise in designing, implementing and reporting surveys that focus on traffic, parking, journeys and pedestrians. These surveys are used by developers, planners, local authorities and a range of other interested parties to inform long-term decision making about traffic flow, road safety and highways policies.

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