Call for overhaul of road safety in next Parliament

As election day draws closer, the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) has appealed to all political parties to make improved road safety a priority during the next Parliament.

PACTS wrote to all major parties after the election had been announced, saying that more needs to be done to reduce the number of deaths on the road. This is particularly concerning for the Council, because the number of road deaths has not decreased in statistical terms since 2011. Before then, there had been a rapid decline in numbers.

Despite Britain having voted to leave the European Union, PACTS asked political parties to commit to the EU’s proposed changes to vehicle safety regulations, and for the establishment of a UK road collision investigation body, to oversee how road collision information is collected and used.

As far as PACTS is concerned, such an overhaul would include tackling dangerous driving, making the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians, encouraging the development of safer vehicles, and changing attitudes towards death on our roads so that safety has the same priority as it does on other modes of transport such as trains and aeroplanes.

Pedestrian and traffic surveys

Survey data can play a crucial role in improving road safety both locally and nationally. Understanding how people use the roads, knowing where so-called accident blackspots occur, and showing the relationship between road users and pedestrians gives local authorities, planners and road safety specialists access to qualified, accurate data that gives a clear picture of the way particular roads are used.

This data can then be used to influence traffic calming measures, the introduction of cycle paths, wider pavements and barriers to keep pedestrians safe, the siting of pedestrian crossings and other measures to help keep the roads safe for all road users.

Traffic surveys from RDS

At Road Data Services we design, implement and report data from traffic surveys, pedestrian surveys, parking surveys and more. Our data is supplied in the format that’s best for you, and we work with planners, developers, road safety groups, local authorities and others to help improve road planning and design and make our roads safer places to be.

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