Ford introduces traffic-reducing, self-driving cars

International car brand, Ford, has suggested that the future is faster and safer than we might think. Talking about advances in car technology, Ford says that we could see self-driving cars that can drive for you, improving your average journey time and making you more fuel efficient.

Today’s technology for tomorrow’s traffic

Ford says that the technology to drive this type of vehicle is available today, calling it Traffic Jam Assist – a system that can judge the distance between you and the cars in front, behind and either side of you, controlling speed and distance so that you maintain a consistent speed, reducing the stop-start nature of human-driven vehicles.

Using simulator studies, Ford says that travel times could be reduced by as much as 37.5% and delays by up to 20%. And with Ford’s cruise control, the driver can take charge at any time just by pressing the brake or the accelerator or moving the steering wheel.

Ford not the only traffic assist brand

Ford’s system is designed to work in specific conditions – slow moving traffic in defined lanes. Other vehicle brands have also been working on similar technologies – Volvo has announced its City Safety and Pedestrian Safety systems and Toyota also previewed a self-drive car recently. It’s safe to say that most car manufacturers will be looking at ways that technology can both keep us safe and keep us moving in the years to come.

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