Glasgow implements traffic planning ahead of Commonwealth Games

The city of Glasgow is busy planning for the Commonwealth Games, which take place from the 23rd July to the 2nd August 2014. Part of that planning involves the opening of a new CCTV centre, which is next to the athletes’ village in the east end of the city.

The new system is designed to link up a range of services to keep locals and visitors safe during the games, and includes traffic cameras and the emergency services. The cameras will monitor road traffic, particularly in areas of the city that are likely to see a big increase in traffic levels. The games will bring people into the city via air, rail and road links, and people will be travelling around Glasgow to various venues.

Traffic surveys required?

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has raised concerns with the organisers of the Games about the way freight vehicles will access the city during the two weeks that the event takes place. It is looking for forecasts about routes that may become congested, alternative routes in and out of the city, what local traffic management plans are in place and how restrictions are to be enforced.

With less than six months to go, freight companies need to be planning ahead so that their work is not unduly disrupted during the Games, and the FTA will be holding a special event for its members nearer the time to help them plan ahead. It may be that traffic surveys of existing conditions on key routes may help organisers to forecast the impact of additional traffic in certain areas, giving the FTA, visitors and general road users the information they need to get around successfully.

Organisers to encourage public transport

As with the London 2012 Olympic Games, it is likely that organisers will encourage as many people to walk or use public transport as they can. Improvements to the rail service in Glasgow are intended to help people travel into and around the city, but athletes, country officials and visitors will still be using the roads, increasing traffic, whilst larger numbers of pedestrians cross the city on foot.

Pedestrian and traffic surveys from RDS

Our surveys are designed for each project and can help you to see what existing traffic and pedestrian use is like so that you can forecast and plan ahead for special events in your area. From huge undertakings like the Commonwealth Games to a new fun run or city-centre cycle race, we can help you to gather the data you need to make informed decisions.

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