Good traffic surveys are vital for new developments

Local and national newspapers are full of reports on the trouble or potential for trouble caused by new developments. All new building work, whether an out-of-town supermarket, new housing or urban redevelopment needs to facilitate the traffic flow, and that often starts with a traffic survey.

Why commission a traffic survey?

In order to plan for the best traffic flow around a new development, developers, town planners and consultants need to know what’s happening now. Accurate data from traffic flow monitoring, that describes existing route usage, journey times and types of vehicles using current routes will help decision makers to anticipate the effect that additional traffic levels and new access points may have.

Collecting traffic survey data

A professional survey company can collect data in a number of ways, including manual counts and video surveying. A complex development may need a survey that covers a number of different elements and requires a variety of collection methods. This allows planners to get a clear picture of what’s happening now. In addition, surveyors can collect opinions from the local community and from road users, providing direct feedback from personal experience.

The dangers of traffic ignorance

If you go ahead with development plans without seriously considering current and potential traffic implications, your plans are likely to be rejected at the first stage of the planning process, costing you time and money. It makes sense to have the traffic data information you need and use it to enhance your planning application.

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