TomTom Updates to Help with Journey Times

The latest release of SatNav system TomTom is to feature a number of new ways to help drivers anticipate traffic congestion and keep things moving.

TomTom’s new update is available to all existing users, and to buyers who choose the most up-to-date version of the system. The new features are designed to give drivers even more information which is as accurate as possible, allowing them to plan their journeys and be aware of road works, effects of traffic congestion and general road conditions as soon as possible.

Planning your journey time

More sophisticated collection and analysis of the data available to commercial SatNav systems means that when you input your destination and ask for directions, TomTom will look at current journey times through busy areas, predicting speed and regular traffic flow so that it can give you a realistic journey time and an alternative route should you require one. It will also detect current road works more accurately, and be able to warn you of traffic conditions ahead, particularly if it registers that you are travelling at a speed where it may be dangerous for you to stop quickly.

Greater journey awareness

With the amount of traffic on the UK’s roads continuing to grow, being able to predict how long your journey will take is becoming increasingly important. Traffic flow can be difficult to calculate, particularly in areas that are liable to severe or regular congestion, and many people now rely on SatNav systems or tablet and smartphone devices to give them warning of current traffic conditions so that they can plan accordingly.

Journey time surveys help on the ground

It’s not just knowing where the congestion is that matters, however. Traffic planners and developers need to have accurate data in order to improve existing routes and build new ones. The best way to do this is still an on-the-ground journey time survey. It provides accurate, real-time data and takes into consideration the views and experiences of those using the roads. Armed with this information, planners can investigate ways of improving access, traffic control and pedestrian safety so that all travellers can plan their journey with confidence.

At RDS, we can design and undertake a range of journey time surveys, providing you with precise data that helps you to build a strong case. Contact us today to find out more.

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