Pavement parking fines could be extended across England and Wales

It’s thought that the Department for Transport is considering extending the £70 fine for parking on pavements to the whole of England and Wales. Currently, only London has this penalty in place, but parking surveys show that it has become a bigger problem in recent years, with cars limiting access for pedestrians, those with visual impairment, the disabled and people with pushchairs or buggies.

Improving pedestrian safety

As parking becomes an increasing problem – whether it is because people are parking to go to the shops, or because most homes have more than one car and urban parking is sparse – local authorities are looking for ways to manage this issue so that pedestrians can stay safe. We have all been in the position of having to walk on the road in order to get round a car that’s parked on the pavement, and this is particularly dangerous if you are with small children, or you struggle with obstacles like the kerb because you are in a wheelchair or electric scooter.

Parking surveys and a re-think

It could be that parking in our towns and cities needs a re-think anyway. The UK’s urban areas have a lot of narrow streets, and parking on the pavement is often the only way to leave enough space in the street for vehicles to pass. This is particularly important for allowing emergency vehicles to access homes or businesses in the area. If local authorities were to ban pavement parking on streets like these, they would have to provide or suggest parking elsewhere, as parking cars fully on the street could impede access.

The same is true for new developments – it’s important that residents’ parking needs are taken into consideration so that streets in modern neighbourhoods are still safe for the families that live there. Good parking planning means balancing the needs of vehicle drivers with the needs and safety of people using the pavements.

Bespoke parking surveys from RDS

If you’re concerned about parking in your development, or you want to find out more about how, where and when people park, talk to us. At Road Data Services, we conduct a wide range of accurate surveys that help developers, planners and other transport professionals to make informed decisions about traffic and journey planning, pedestrian safety and parking efficiency. To find out more about how we can help, contact us today.

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