Why traffic, pedestrian and parking surveys can boost business

With towns and cities across the UK competing for businesses to choose them as a location for office or manufacturing space, it’s vital that they look at the key areas of importance to those businesses. For many, it’s the ease of access to business parks or central areas, along with a supply of affordable housing, skilled people and good facilities. Towns and cities that struggle with traffic management could get left behind.

Why commission a traffic survey?

There are many reasons why developers, councillors and planners need to have accurate and up-to-date information on the traffic in their area. Planning a new business park on the outskirts of town may attract business, but councils also need to keep local people and existing businesses happy, so the ease of travel to and from a new development, alongside a clear understanding of parking issues is vital. This is knowledge that should be acquired in the early stages of development, rather than as an afterthought.

Parking is often a problem, both for cities that are attracting large businesses, and towns where parking options are often limited. Many towns address this problem by developing park and ride schemes, which require land at the edge of the business area, but reduce the amount of traffic travelling through the centre of town. A parking survey can help to ascertain the reasons people are parking in a certain area, how long they stay for and what other parking options they would be prepared to consider.

Pedestrians and cyclists are just as important when assessing business needs. Greater numbers of people are choosing to cycle to work, or use public transport and walk. This means that consideration must be given to safe places to cross the road, cycle lanes that separate cyclists from other traffic, and ways of ensuring public transport can run smoothly and on time. All these issues help people to get to work more easily, making them happier to work in a specific location and therefore easier for businesses to recruit.

Traffic surveys from Road Data Services

Our bespoke surveys are designed to help you gather the information you need for your project. Whether you are expanding an existing business area, planning a new development, or struggling to manage increased traffic numbers, you need precise data that gives you a clear picture of what’s happening right now.

We can design and carry out a wide range of surveys including pedestrian and parking surveys, and report back to you with easily-understandable data to help you take informed decisions. Contact us today to find out more.

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