Pedal Cycles 60% of London traffic at peak times

A recent traffic survey for Transport for London (TfL) shows that cyclists make up more than 60% of traffic at peak times on certain routes. TfL’s Central London Cycling Census looked at several key routes into and around the capital and their bicycle traffic volume study revealed some interesting trends.

Manual count traffic survey

The cycling with traffic data was collected as a manual classified count survey across 164 locations. Both cyclists and motor vehicles were counted between 6am and 8pm during weekdays, allowing the data to show traffic types at key peak times as well as less busy times during the day. Data gathered from the survey shows:

24% of all vehicles at surveyed sites are bicycles

Bicycles make up 16% of all traffic across the hours surveyed

Almost 50% of all northbound traffic crossing Waterloo, Blackfriars and London Bridges are cyclists

62% of northbound morning traffic on Southwark Bridge is made up of bicycles

The results show that road cycling has become an increasingly popular way to commute into London and to get around the capital during the day. This traffic is from commuters who cycle from train stations to their workplace as well as those who live in the capital and cycle to avoid lengthy traffic congestion. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is investing in a range of measures that promote cycling across London.

Dedicated traffic surveys from Road Data Services

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