Pedestrian surveys promote safety across the UK

Around the country, local pedestrian surveys are helping to make life safer for those who walk and cross the roads. Prompted by a variety of concerns from traffic blind spots to speeding traffic outside school gates, local communities are benefitting from surveys that show how new traffic planning or adding a pedestrian crossing can help to reduce accidents.

Safer to walk in Scunthorpe

A particularly busy road in Scunthorpe is benefitting from an investment of £70,000 in improved road safety measures which should make it a much safer place to walk. Following council surveys which showed over 40 accidents in the past five years, 18 of which involved pedestrians, the speed limit will be reduced to 20mph, a zebra crossing will be added and the road could also benefit from speed bumps.

Warwick town centre re-introduces crossings

A traffic scheme in Warwick town centre that hoped to make the streets more pedestrian friendly has come in for criticism in the past year, and the Council has now decided to install a new pedestrian crossing. Having removed a zebra crossing for the original scheme and introducing “informal crossing points”, the Council hoped to make the streets easier to cross. However, pedestrians using the area have called for a crossing to be re-introduced and are delighted that the Council has agreed.

Speed checks may change crossing

Residents in Biddulph, Staffordshire, have been campaigning for a pelican crossing instead of a zebra crossing on a particularly busy road. They say that drivers are exceeding the 30mph speed limit and not stopping at the existing crossing, which makes it extremely dangerous for people to cross. After receiving a petition from over 200 people, the local council is carrying out a speed survey and has already introduced some measures to reduce speed and protect pedestrians.

Pedestrian surveys from RDS

We can carry out a variety of speed surveys and pedestrian surveys to collect data on journeys, crossing usage and general opinions about road safety. Contact us today to find out more.

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