Using Pedestrian Surveys as part of the Bigger Picture

When councils are considering significant road improvements or developments, they need to bear a number of considerations in mind. Naturally, smooth traffic flow and access to commercial and retail developments is important, but pedestrian and cycle safety is playing an increasingly important role in decision-making.

Accurate pedestrian surveys

Encouraging sustainable travel is important to councils all across the UK. Schemes to entice people to walk or cycle instead of drive are becoming more common, and if councils want these schemes to succeed, they need to ensure that they provide safe routes, appropriate crossings and designated areas so that these more vulnerable road users are safe.

One of the best ways to assess current usage is to conduct a pedestrian survey. This puts experienced people on the ground in the affected area, talking to pedestrians about how, why and when they use the current routes available and what their opinions are about potential new routes or additional safety measures.

Pedestrian and cycle safety in Bristol

A scheme to improve safety in Bristol is considering all road users. There are two areas – Junction 1 of the M32 and the A4174 at Hambrook. Two separate crossings will be substantially improved by South Gloucestershire Council, who will be spending £1.3million pounds at Hambrook alone. The work will be carried out on existing crossings with the aim of making crossing busy junctions much safer, thereby encouraging people to walk or cycle instead of drive.

This work is part of an £8m scheme in the area that will see work to improve road surfaces for drivers as well as creating safe walking and cycling routes. Funding for some of the work is coming from the Government’s Cycle Ambition Fund, which supports councils who want to add sustainable transport options in their areas.

Pedestrian surveys from RDS

At Road Data Services we can design, carry out and analyse pedestrian surveys across the UK. Our experience means you can leave us to get on with the job, representing your organisation in a friendly and professional manner and extracting the information you need in the best format for you. Our pedestrian surveys have helped councils, developers and other organisations to make the best choices for safer journeys. Contact us today to find out more.

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