Penalty for speeding fines to rise?

Reports suggest that the government is considering increasing the penalty for speeding fines by up to four times, in a move that it hopes will dissuade drivers from breaking speed limits on motorways and other roads. This is despite claims from road user groups that traffic speed surveys and other research shows that overall speeds have dropped in recent years.

Motorway speed fine up to £10,000

Ministers are suggesting that the highest speeding penalties on a motorway are raised from £2,500 currently to £10,000. They are also recommending that the fines for speeding for dual carriageways and general roads across the UK rise from £1,000 to £4,000. Introducing higher fines for other offences, such as driving whilst using a mobile phone, or driving without insurance are designed to discourage motorists from breaking these laws.

Motorists already slowing down

The speed laws are some of the most-often broken in the UK, and some road safety campaigners are more worried about enforcing the lower speed limits than the upper ones. Travelling at 40mph in a 30mph zone is seen by many as being more dangerous than travelling at 80mph on the motorway instead of 70mph. Groups that represent motorists, however, say that the current fines system seems to have had a positive effect on the speed we drive at, with research showing that we are generally driving more slowly and safer than at previous times.

Just in it for the money?

Of course, higher fines means more money in the government coffers, and many feel that this is a form of stealth tax. It is not known exactly when these changes will come into force, as they still need to be debated and approved by Parliament.

Speed surveys from RDS

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