How traffic surveys are informing city transport planning

It’s becoming increasingly important that traffic and transport planning techniques and decisions are made on the basis of accurate and relevant survey data. With increasing numbers of vehicles on the roads, new housing, business and retail developments underway across the country and continued dissatisfaction from road users about traffic congestion, having the right information can make the difference between successful road development and an expensive failure.

Transport planning support

People involved with the transport planning process know the value of this data. Understanding all the aspects of the way the road system is currently used helps to influence changes or additions, and planners, engineers and transport specialists use a range of traffic surveys to determine a variety of issues, including:

  • The quantity of vehicles using the roads at specific times
  • The type of vehicles using the roads
  • The speed of vehicles on the road
  • The use of roads by pedestrians
  • The journey times of vehicles using the roads
  • The effect of parking availability and restrictions in the area
  • The amount and effect of queueing traffic in the area


Knowing the starting point as far as the road system is concerned, allows transport planning and engineering professionals to look at the potential impact of road changes, speed restrictions, traffic calming, bus lanes, new developments, school provision and a whole host of other measures that affect the day-to-day life of the community in question.

Traffic surveys and the transport planning process

When plans are submitted for planning approval, it is often the potential impact of additional traffic or changes to the road system that prompts opposition and objection. This is particularly the case when there is a perceived impact in residential areas or around schools, where there may already be traffic-related issues. It makes sense, then, for local authorities, developers and planners to have access to accurate data that shows exactly how the roads are being used and can demonstrate that new plans may make a positive difference.

Reliable traffic surveys from RDS

Whether for national schemes or regional transport planning, Road Data Services can supply accurate survey data across a range of variables, from traffic count to road-user interviews. We use the latest technology to capture data, supplying it to you in the format that works best for you. Ask us for our help and advice on your planning project and see how our results can help your scheme be successful.

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