UK Traffic survey reveals most dangerous places for night-time driving

A recent analysis of government traffic survey detail has shown the places across the UK where it is statistically most dangerous to drive. The figures, which were reported in ChronicleLive, an online newspaper for the North East, show that Newcastle is third only to the London borough of Hackney, and Tameside in the North West in terms of accidents between midnight and 4am.

Using statistics to influence travel planning

Whilst the percentage of accidents reported in this four-hour period is small in comparison to the overall accident statistics for each area, it’s clear that some places suffer more than others. Nearly 7% of road accidents – 53 incidents – recorded by the Newcastle police force in 2015 occurred post-midnight, compared with a national average of less than 4%. Causes of accidents vary, but it is likely that drink drivers cause accidents at night time more often than during the day, and that quieter roads often encourage speeding and reduced awareness, which can result in accidents, including fatalities.

Understanding how many and what type of accidents happen at certain times of the day and night can help to influence traffic planning. Any stretches of road identified as particularly dangerous can be modified using traffic control measures, such as speed limit reduction and chicane-style road improvements, or monitored using traffic cameras.

Traffic surveys for development planning

It’s also worth looking at traffic survey statistics for night-time accidents when planning a new development. If an area has a higher incident of accidents at night, planners and road safety experts may want to investigate the reasons before siting a housing development or school in that area. The greater the understanding of the way the roads are used by traffic and pedestrians in a certain area, the better the resulting development is likely to be.

Traffic, pedestrian and journey time surveys from RDS

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