Using traffic surveys ahead of planned roadworks

A current problem in the West Sussex town of East Grinstead has highlighted the potential need for traffic surveys and journey time data ahead of planned major roadworks or utility upgrades.

An East Grinstead town councillor has said that the town is experiencing traffic queue chaos because traffic lights have not been properly synced by Surrey County Council on one side of the county border and West Sussex on the other. This, he says, combined with the independently-controlled traffic lights at the roadworks themselves has caused huge problems.

Road and traffic services always need to plan works as far in advance as possible and, for long-term or particularly disruptive works, it is always worth commissioning a range of data collection, including traffic volume study information and traffic and parking surveys. These can help to identify the volume, type and intensity of traffic during normal road operation, helping contractors to plan ahead, seeing how diversions and traffic light timings can be altered to help keep the roads moving.

A detailed survey will cover a number of agreed areas, which might include vehicle classifications, video data capture, journey time analysis and any other data that planners feel may help to improve road and traffic safety for the duration of the road works.

Why use a traffic survey?

Apart from gathering important data that helps project managers to plan ahead, traffic surveys can also help to build better relationships between councils, road repair and utility contractors and the travelling public. Seemingly simple solutions like syncing traffic lights to take account of other junction systems elsewhere, or changing lights in accordance with the time of day and volume of traffic will all contribute to minimising disruption and making journeys as easy as possible.

Traffic Surveys from RDS

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