Safety needs improving for the UK pedestrian, survey says

A recent report by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) shows that whilst the UK enjoys an excellent record for low vehicle occupant fatalities compared with other countries, pedestrian safety could certainly be improved.

The report, which puts the UK’s roads amongst the safest in the world, ranked alongside Sweden, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland, suggests that the poor record for pedestrian safety could be related to the safety ratings of new cars. It says that new cars in the UK have, on average, lower safety ratings than those sold in the other top rated countries. This includes those cars which have low pedestrian safety ratings, placing the UK 19th out of the 28 European Union countries in terms of pedestrian protection.

Pedestrians and other vulnerable road users

The UK’s record is also poor for what PACT terms ‘vulnerable road users’. This includes motorcyclists and cyclists in addition to pedestrians, with deaths in all three groups higher than in many other European countries. The UK also had a higher proportion of fatalities on roads where the speed limit is higher than 60mph, and on motorways.

An executive director of PACT, David Davies, said: “Are there areas where comparatively speaking, Britain could do better and where investment and effort might be best concentrated? The Government needs to promote cars that are low on emissions and high on safety, including pedestrian protection. PACTS urges the public and private sectors to buy only the safest vehicles – those with a 5* safety rating.”

Safety first – pedestrian surveys from RDS

At Road Data Services, we offer a range of bespoke survey options which allow traffic planners, road safety specialists and developers to ensure greater pedestrian safety. From the siting of pedestrian crossings, to speed management measures, our data can show you where you may face critical safety issues. We work with groups concerned about particular pedestrian flash points, such as outside schools, shops and hospitals, as well as with developers planning new housing, retail and business sites.

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