Have your say on future road Highways England investment

At the end of the summer, National Highways – the new brand for Highways England – launched an online feedback programme to encourage road users, and people who live near to major motorways and routes in England, to have their say.

The findings from this consultation will have an impact on the future planning of investment in the road network. National Highways is currently responsible for around 4,300 miles of roads, including motorways and major A road routes.

The tool – which you can find here – gives you the option on feedback about a specific section of motorway or A road, or a particular journey on these roads, or general feedback. Issues you can give your opinion about include:

  • Safety
  • Congestion
  • Interaction with local roads
  • Environment
  • Facilities

There’s an opportunity to include references to data, studies or other evidence to support your opinion. An interactive map allows you to highlight the area of road network that you are concerned about.

Consultation includes traffic surveys and more

As well as collecting information and feedback from road users, the consultation will take in professional bodies, businesses and campaign groups, so that National Highways has a wide range of data to inform its decisions. This can include traffic survey and other data collection that shows particular areas of congestion, journey time delays or access problems.

Speaking at the launch of the online tool, the Executive Director of Strategy and Planning at National Highways, Elliot Shaw said:

“At National Highways we are constantly challenging ourselves to seek out ways to improve the experience of those who use our roads and the communities who live nearby. The new easy-to-use online tool provides everyone from commuters, professional road users, nearby residents and community groups to comment.

I urge you to provide feedback on what is important to you – a specific location on England’s motorways or major A roads, a longer route or general feedback about our road network. This is your opportunity to help inform the long-term vision for the future of our roads.”

Traffic survey data from RDS

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