RDS Research Project into the effects of COVID-19 on Traffic Flows

Road Data Services is delighted to be working with 360TSL in a joint venture to compare traffic flows from pre-lockdown and post-lockdown periods. The project will revisit locations across England and Wales where traffic data was collected in September 2019 and collect new data on the same basis, to see what effect lockdown and coronavirus measures have had.

We have picked 17 ATC’s, 6 turning count sites and two supermarkets that will be resurveyed in the third week of September. These are spread across the country to see if there are any regional differences as shown on the attached map. We will repeat this process at the same sites in the future to see if the flows have altered.

Lockdown measures will affect the way that businesses and people operate, with more working from home, online shopping and avoiding public transport. Our aim is to give transport & development planners sufficient evidence to help make informed decisions on current projects as well as researching what the ‘new normal’ will be in the future.

Once all the data is processed, we will update you on our findings.

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